glass repair

Values of the windshield and then important properties of glasses

Windshield refers to the specially designed to provide structural support for the vehicle as well as stand up to the stress of traveling on highways, but damage does requirements occur. It was made up of two layers of glass which inner layer of automatic safety glass. The inner layer also called lamination. It holds on to serve together with the broken outer layers when met the accident. Silicate glass is the most important and widely used. It bases on the chemical compound silica also called silicon dioxide or quartz. It helps us to glass repair of desirable properties such as the melting point and viscosity.

Most important properties of glass

  • It is mostly used in transparent
  • It can reflect, refract, and transmit light without scattering it.
  • It is brittle
  • It has a smooth surface
  • It has a clear appearance
  • Silicate glass can be poured, formed, extruded and molded into any size and shape and complex design
  • It is erosion-resistant, especially against the action of water.

Categories of glass

In many different ways are connected with glass categories, while in the former of glass manifest itself as the windshield and other components of automobiles and vehicles in the latter, and glass is used indoor.

glass repair

Automotive glass – it deals with the laminated and tempered glass application in the form of requirements such as windshield, mirror, headlight, side windows, and tall light glass, etc. Glass is an important part of the vehicle.

Tempered glass for side windows – It is one of the glass provide inside windows and rear windshield of automobiles and doesn’t have harm the passenger in the event of an accident

Laminate glass – it is the type of glass that consists of occurs in the field of two sheets of glass with a plastic interlayer separating them. Thus, make on the process of laminated glass is quite impact-resistant, and on the occasion of breakage, its glass parts remain trapped to the plastic interlayer, therefore shielding the passengers from the wound. For this cause, automotive covered glass was worn in windshields. It keeps on the idea of glass lamination.

Valued added glass products – Automotive glass also includes other applications and accessories in vehicles such as defogger glass, glass antenna, encapsulated glass, and also water-repellent glass, rain sensor windscreen, etc. It makes us to safety on the drive. These products make our relief.

Annealed glasses – is most popular in the glass are provided in the interlayer glass and lacks the toughened or impact of the resistance of processed glass.

Tinted glass – it deals with the glass of annealed glass that has a coating or a film that imparts its color and reduces its light transmission.  And then, commonly used an AIS Tinted Glass is a body tinted glass that absorbs energy from solar radiation.

Clear glass – it is one of the kinds of float glass which offers extreme transparency and clarity. AIS Clear Float Glass is the largest quality clear glass with high precision flatness.

Frosted glass – It is a transparent glass complete by the procedure of sandblasting or acid etching. Its rutted, rough exterior gives it a foggy manifestation, thus building it the ideal answer for privacy. AIS Krystal, India’s only recognized Frosted Glass, unclear the view while permitting light to pass in the course of it.