app dev

The Right Steps in the App Development Process

There is no reason to expect the client to invest 80, 100 thousand in an 8-month project, not knowing if it will adhere to the target audience. So let’s do the MVP for app dev .

app dev

The clients we want and the ones we don’t want

We don’t need to chase after customers. The customer to be served by the company must be convincing enough to join our project list. As we said, we are agile and this agility is no joke. It needs to be present in every project we will do, but the client needs to understand this dynamism and participate with us closely.

Customer collaboration is more important than contracts

We do not want customers who do not fully trust our process. We are the experts on apps, making and using. So what we think will not be good, we will not do. Of course, everything talked to the customer.

We don’t just want clients, we want success stories

This statement makes perfect sense to me. Bringing one more project online does not mean success. But to make a project that we believe to be really amazing, that will really help the users and which we also bet on, yes it is a success.

The ideal customer

The ideal client seeks to understand what an agile development model is and is happy to know that every week will have a version of the application to validate. Immediately he uses it, realizes what was good and what can be improved, and ends up deciding to change the project route is no problem. This is what we want. Improve the project while we do it.

We all know then that at this first moment that the project changes a bit along the way, that the end will no longer be the same. That all that had been thinking changed. Need to change. There is no need to continue developing without adapting for the better.

How much does an app cost?

Summing up in one word: expensive. Advertising agencies that make websites together must have about 120 in my city. Companies develop software for business is about 50. Who makes applications, mine is the third or fourth. Demand for apps is too big, so if the client can’t invest in a project, it’s not worth it for us either. We have developed a tool for you to know how much it costs to develop an application.

How long does it take to develop an app

In a traditional model depending on the size of the application is from 6 months to a year. Professionals using a whole new technology, React Native, with which we get up to three times the productivity of other companies. So our goal is MVP in a month, a month and a half. It is already a complete project, between two and four months.

Hybrid or Native App

If you don’t know what it is, you don’t have to worry. We will decide this for you. But if you know the difference, and you don’t know which one is better, we tell you: it depends. It depends on a number of factors and we are always bound on which indications it should be hybrid or native. We will only use the best, and eventually, the hybrid is the best solution.