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Energy Efficiency for the Electrical Supply

These offers help stabilize the energy budget over the entire duration of the contract of 1 to 4 years by protecting consumers from increases. You can Click Here to fund a proper solution for this matter. Subscription prices for fixed-price offers are not always competitive but can become very profitable in a few months or years if regulated tariffs increase. However, 3 major disadvantages are to note:

  • If they make it possible to avoid price increases, fixed-price offers prevent any possible reductions except in special cases
  • Only the prices excluding taxes are fixed, if the taxes increase, the price TTC is revised upwards also,
  • Subscription prices may be more expensive than indexed price offers.

The incumbent supplier has developed a range of offers for electricity and gas, the prices of which cannot be increased during the term of the contract, but remain downward if regulated tariffs fall. A good idea to enjoy the benefits of fixed price offers without the inconvenience.

Expert opinion: which fixed price offer to choose?

For a long time, fixed-price offers had the disadvantage of having higher prices at the time of subscription, which made them competitive only in times of significant price increases. Suppliers have profoundly changed this type of offer in recent years. Many fixed price offers are cheaper than regulated fares at the time of subscription.

Expert advice is to compare prices at the time of subscription. However, if the consumer wants to ensure that he always pays less than EDF’s regulated tariff. He must then move towards indexed price offers that always allow a reduction even if the price of the electricity increases.

Which green electricity supplier to choose?

If a price is the most important variable in the choice of the supplier of millions of consumers, other elements can help the consumer to make the right choice as the possibility of benefiting from renewable energy.

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Which supplier to choose for green energy?

While nuclear power still largely dominates our energy mix, green energy offers are growing more and more. Within renewable energies, we find hydroelectricity (11.8% of the mix), but also photovoltaic, wind, geothermal, biological, etc. Since it is impossible to trace the electricity from its production site to the final consumer an electron is exactly the same regardless of its origin, only guarantees of origin ensure the source of energy.

What is a green electricity supply?

Electricity supply is called green when the supplier is able to prove that a quantity of renewable electricity has been injected into the grid, somewhere in Europe, for the amount of electricity consumed by its customers to the green offer.

Natural gas is not recognized as renewable energy, indeed, this fossil resource is exhausted from year to year. Yet, we find on the market offers of green gas, it is said that the gas is offset carbon. The idea is to offset the CO2 emissions produced by gas consumption, by investing in projects for the protection of the environment.

The quality of customer service

Is customer service easy to reach, efficient and responsive? This is important because you may need help and advice at any time to reduce your electricity consumption, access your customer area, get explanations about your bill, etc. By the way, most of the comparators of electricity providers available on the Internet take the quality of customer service into account. You are free to consult them and conduct your own investigation by seeking customer opinions on the suppliers that interest you.