The Right Sex Toys for the Right Moments

Whether a single secret lover in the drawer of the nightstand or a whole box under the bed for the shared love game. Sex toys bring a lot of fun between the sheets! But how do you find the perfect sex toy?

Vibrator, dildo or penis ring, Which toy is right for me?

The first important question in the search for the right toy is: Is it for you alone to masturbation or do we want to use it together with my partner? Below you will find the most popular sex toys for women, men and couples at a glance! Visit for the best options here.

Sex toys for women

Regarding sex, women are fortunate – they can come to their climax in many different ways. That’s why there are so many different toys for women. What is your favourite or most intense feeling?


The perfect stimulation for the clitoris! He is well suited for masturbation, but also complements the sex for two or creates hot moments in an erotic full body massage.

Vibrator and Dildo

Women who prefer vaginal toys will get their money’s worth with a vibrator or a non-vibrating dildo. They are available in many variations and designs, some of them are even waterproof – for a fun-filled pleasure.

Rabbit vibrator: Rabbit vibrators are a combination of lay-on and internal vibrator and stimulate both clitoral and vaginal: For an all-encompassing pampering program.

Magic Wand: The vibrations of the Magic Wand are incredibly intense. The device was initially intended as a massage stick to relax tension, but in the meantime, it has also become increasingly popular in the women’s world for clitoral stimulation.

Vibro Eggs: Small but mighty: These small, vibrating balls are inserted vaginally and controlled by remote control. They can be well integrated into the shared love game: For arming during foreplay or for vaginal stimulation during anal intercourse.

Love Balls: First and foremost, love balls are not sex toys, but essential: The small single or double balls work on their weight or additional inner, rotating masses as training for the pelvic floor muscles. For strengthened pelvic floor muscles increase the sensation – for both!

Sex toys for couples

Any solo toy can also be included in the shared love game. However, unique partner toys are perfectly tailored to the needs of both. They bring much fun and variety for men and women.

C-Vibes: The so-called C-Vibes (the C stands for the shape) are worn by the woman during intercourse. They stimulate with their vibrations both vaginal and clitoral. Some C-Vibes bring an additional remote control, with the aid of which the vibration intensity can be controlled: A beautiful surprise effect!

Cock rings: These stretchy rings are pulled over the man’s penis and provide a slight stagnation effect for more stamina. So the pleasure can continue, even if it has already come. Cock rings are available in many different designs – with and without vibration or with additional clitoral or perineal stimuli.

Anal plugs: All anal toys are also ideal for a shared love game! Anal plugs are small, soft or even hard plugs that can be worn by both partners in the anus and provide additional stimulation. The same applies to anal chains. They consist of small, juxtaposed globules that are inserted bit by bit into the anus. They offer particular pleasure when they have pulled out during the orgasm ‘again.