Mix the best Italian Limoncello Drink

Italian Traditional Drink

All know that red roses are used to express one’s love, but my dear friends let’s open our eyes and hearts, to discover something unique at Dolceterra which says Love is Yellow. They exhibit and sell handmade painted Vietri ceramic bottles which hold tight lids to seal the bottles or jars. These storage jars are painted uniquely with lemons that are used in the preparation of their traditional lemonade drink which are naturally gifted with inimitable fragrance that is known as limoncello . Dolceterra offers best Italian liquor storage glass jars that are world famous with true passion for quality and genuine love for tradition. They also hold voice, fragrance and color that is not found anywhere of the world.


This unique drink was the first brand of Dolceterra which is the leading upmarket retailer in Italy with its beautifully designed 30 handmade and hand painted ceramic bottles by Vietri artists. Thus Dolceterra provides first class products with exalt tradition that guarantees the best quality to meet the standards of their customers. Buy and pour this traditional drink inside their lemon printed glass jars which speak love. Gift this Italian lemonade drink of Sorrento that is a tradition drink to celebrate any special occasion like the upcoming Christmas festival to serve your guests this chilled sweet drink after their dinner. Have this special drink directly or just mix with any fruit extract to prepare vodka or cocktail.

limoncello Storage in Dolceterra Jars

After the creation of this sweet alcoholic drink in early 1900s by Lady Maria Antonia Farace, it got famous as traditional Italian drink that was born in a small house in Capri. Today these traditional processes had utilized advanced technologies which had met the highest standards all across the world. Today hand peeling of lemons had acquired new process of automation which is replaced by devoted Sorrento women. As is seen during the immersion of volcano, the alchemistical characteristics invoke from the region’s exclusive volcanic soil, it was thus the beginning of that magical transformation of Gioia Luisa limoncello. With slow and steady pace soon this lemonade drink in a short period, got enhanced with its flavor which started penetrated through special skins of lemons into the alcohol. Yet the process is known as natural it is very delicate.

Invention of Limoncella Dolceterra Bottles

An artist named Luca Falanga exhibited his amazing work which he did in his cabin of Scafati (Province of Salerno) and hence got named as Ceramista. When Dolceterra first started selling these simple bottles which lead to store this richest authentic taste inside them, they soon got popular and came to be known to the entire world.


Did you get to know how this lemonade drink got famous? It being Italian traditional liquor is world famous and when stored in dolceterra jars to gift your loved ones add richness to this wonderful sweet drink. As it is made from fresh lemons, sugar and alcohol it is known as homemade recipe that is served chilled to the guests after dinner.