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Many archers and coaches will tell you, the shooting sequence and regular timing are the keys to accuracy. Many of the best athletes will spend little or no time at full draw, but the most important thing is to keep your usual timing. One of the biggest challenges in archery tag is keeping the timing you have in training in competition.

We see a lot of people waiting much longer before shooting. You apprehend, and it’s difficult to keep your inner confidence. In competition, you are tested and if you are not really, really confident, it is difficult to keep this timing.

Fighting the Wind

It’s the biggest mistake because it’s something you can’t control. We always fight against the wind; but you don’t have to fight it, just understand it and shoot it. Where there is not much wind, the team is training to cross brace to learn to understand the movement of arrows on the coat of arms. It gives you confidence that if you aim in the red, the arrows come in the yellow.

archery tag

The coach adds that it is important that wherever you aim, you have to trust that aim; and no matter how strong the wind, you have to make the best shot you can: It’s when people have to overlook that they start to lose self-confidence.

Focus On Hardware

It is easy to get lost in the newest or brightest equipment, but it is a mistake as old as the world. Concentrate first on your technique, to make it as reproducible as possible before worrying about the nuances of equipment. Typically, the equipment exceeds the shooter.  The best archers in the world devote 95% of their efforts to the physical and mental, and perhaps the rest on equipment, if not less.

Lose Back Tension

One of the most difficult things to fix is ​​a hand that goes forward to release when the fingers let go of the rope, rather than sliding backwards. More than just holding the rope in your fingers, the force in the scapula must be present. Everything is in the movement of the shoulders. People change muscles which they use when they reach full draw. It’s important to keep the same movement, understand the expansion process and make a good shot.

Don’t Push

Coaches have always said that you have to shoot, but no one has told you that you have to push, and how to push. You think this is the most common mistake. It refers to the act of pulling with the back, the rope hand and the shoulder, and pushing with the bow hand. It’s a sensation. You push more when you shoot indoors. In the old days, when you spent the season outdoors, you pushed more at the start, but after a few weeks, you lost the feeling.

Finish Your Gesture on Click

Card disease, fear of yellow, or, as we recently learned that Koreans called it clicker disease is a horrible thing to experience as a classic archer. Not being able to shoot when aiming for the middle, not having the confidence to continue and to fire the arrow as desired is often a symptom of poor learning to use the clicker. The clicker is not the end of the shot but the beginning. The way to fix this is to focus on keeping your elbow and hand away bow to each other, and not to relax before the shot is actually finished.