Key consideration for Multi Storey Car Parks security

Security has become a serious matter for all industries. The lack of a proper security system increases the crime level. roller shutters are used for enhanced security in house & offices. If you have some doubts in your mind regarding security then read this article as it outlines some key consideration for multi-storey car parking

Nowadays maintaining the security of your home or office is very difficult. As we all know, security plays an important role in our home. There are lots of physical security systems available that provide you satisfactory results. A recent report states that 50-70% of the car parking systems install major physical equipment such as automated roller shutters. If you are establishing a multi-storey car parking system then you have to consider some crucial recommendations for improved security.

Key Consideration for Car Parking System:

  • Appropriate Lighting

Adding up more lighting to the darker areas of the car parking system can enhance security. Before adequate lighting, the foremost step is to paint the roof walls with cool & light color and polished concrete for maximizing the texture of lighting. If you are planning to install a security system in your home, then you can seek help from a professional technician as they give you genuine advice about the roller shutter door.When selecting a lighting system always go for those lights that are eco-friendly just like LED and Metal halide lights.

  • Roller Shutter Doors

The second thing that people can consider for their car parking is Roller shutter doors. Installing high tech roller shutter doors at the vehicle entrance gate can reduce the risk of unspecified individuals. It can be available in different variants like manual and automated which prevents unauthorized access in your car parking.

Automated roller shutter doors are the best option for your car parking.

  • CCTV Surveillance

CCTV primarily consists of a DVR recorder that meets all the security standards. This allows footage capturing and reviewing. Typically, the DVR is operated in a separate location so that it can enable offsite footage review. CCTV surveillance can be a great option to keep an eye on the intruders.

What are the Safety Measures for Customers?

Systematic monitoring can reduce the crime level in various car parks. Along with that, customers can report their problems by connecting with the monitoring staff personnel.

Here are some safety features are listed below:

1. Telephones- It is used by the customers to easily connect with the supporting staff of the car parking. Moreover, two-tier intercoms can be set up at the payment desk of the parks to tackle any sort of issue regarding tickets & payments.
2. Panic Alarms: A panic alarm can add more strength to your car park safety. If you face any problem, you can use panic alarms as they are monitored by the staff.

3. Staff Kiosk: A visible manger can make your car park free from vandals. A connection point is also offered for esteemed customers with several concerns.

By installing good lighting to the car parking systems to expose some hiding spaces. CCTV ideally deals with potential problems, and the automated shutters are used to prevent the system from malicious access. Thus, by using these considerations, your car parking system should become highly secure. The overall process can save your money and boost up confidence & safety.