Fake ID: how to order, and what measures you should take before you try one

If you’re looking for a fake ID for whatever reason, there are few options. Firstly, you can buy one from a novelty shop in the local market, or you can try obtaining from one by ordering from an online site that sells such ids. Local ids are often poorly created, which makes them pretty useless in any real-life use case, other than just fun or being a novelty item. If you need a student card or driving license to produce in a bar (you shouldn’t drink if you’re underage, and neither we promote underage drinking – please consider this as an official warning), you must look for a trustworthy online site, like idgod , that has proper expertise and years of experience in making fake ids.

How to order a fake ID from an online site
This is really simple. To order fake id from a site is straightforward, all you need to do is you submit your name, address, dob, and other related information (the details you want to put in your id), along with your digital photograph, and a signed copy as well. Once you uploaded all the required things, you’ll be redirected to the payment page to make the payment, and then the order will be accepted. They will most likely send you an email as payment and order confirmation. They will also give you a fixed order completion date by which you should receive your order completed and shipped to your given address. Some sites further offer you a quicker turn around time for some extra bucks, in case you want a speedy delivery or you need the id for any urgent reason, you can opt for that option.

How to make sure your details are properly submitted?

One thing you need to ensure that the details you’re giving are all correct and without any error. Because the id will be made solely relying on your submitted derails, so a tiny mistake can jeopardize the validity of the id. And if you made any mistake while uploading details to the site, you won’t be able to get a free re-do of that same id – you have to order a new one with correct information again. So, do ensure to submit every single piece of information correctly, and check multiple times before you click that submit button. If you still have done any mistake, nothing to be worried, though – you can email the support staff of the site and make the necessary changes before they start working on your order.

How to pay for your fake id order in id selling sites


This is a tricky situation. If for any reason, you don’t want your credit/debit card or PayPal account to be associated with any such site, there’s still an option for you – Bitcoin. Most of the fake id sites offer Bitcoin as a payment option. For those who don’t know, Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency, and if used properly and you know what you’re doing – you can pay anonymously without being linked with any of such fake id sites. Having said that, your details for that fake id are still being submitted to that site (otherwise, how would they make the id with your details, right?), so you’re not being genuinely anonymous anyway.