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The Selections of Shoes You need Now

Color side, even if the original model is made of brown leather, the boat shoes come in various colors. Some models are even two-colored, even three-color which makes them real fashion accessories. With Sole Society you can have the smartest options now.

Associations to perform for trendy looks

Children, young people, adults, every man can easily wear the boat shoe as long as he knows how to associate it well. No idea to look with this type of shoe? Rest assured, you will see below various types of associations that you can very well adopt and wear with style.

For a casual style: You want to be stylish during your family outings or during your holidays? The boat shoes lend themselves very well to this type of look. You just have to pair it with white pants and a blue shirt. To complete the look, do not hesitate to wear a light hat like Panama.

For a more formal look: Your boat shoes are also very good with a chic look. For this purpose, you can associate them with a suit and do not wear socks. Do not hesitate to complete your outfit with accessories such as a watch or a scarf.

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For a casual dandy style: by pairing your boat shoes with chino shorts or shorts, you can easily adapt this look. At the same time neat and relaxed, this style stands out better with pastel-colored pieces. In addition, to complete your look with a boat, the only rule you must remember is to always wear this type of shoe without socks. It is also appropriate to wear pants that show the ankles.

Wash and maintain your boat shoes

Proper care of your boat shoes can extend their life. Here are some tips for taking care of your shoes:

You should always let them dry slowly, in the open air and away from heat sources, even the sun. If possible, put the newspaper inside during drying. If your shoe is made of classic leather, you can rub it with a cloth soaked in a little bit of table oil to keep it supple. Use a toothbrush to remove dust on the upper edge of the soleplate. A good pair of boots is an investment, so it is in your best interest to apply these few maintenance tips to keep your investment profitable.

Daily Maintenance

The most important thing to keep your intervention shoes in good condition is to perform daily maintenance. And yes although cleaning your shoes after each use may seem boring or monotonous, say that your finances will fully thank you for having taken the time to do it. After each use in the field, dust and debris often become embedded in the leather, or in the material of the shoe, which will damage it and diminish its life expectancy. The first rule to apply is simply to wipe your shoes with a cloth. This tiny habit will have a big impact on how long your shoes last.


Scratches are inevitable, but these marks can easily be faded. For military boots made of full-grain leather, take a sheet of paper towel or a small cloth soaked in a moisturizing solution a moisturizing soap can do the trick, and with a circular gesture gently clean the parties concerned. To remove dry dirt or encrusted dust, use a brush provided for this purpose.