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The process that undergoes in the UK driving license in detail.

The person who belongs to the UK or settled as a citizen of the UK can get a driving license from the UK government. One can apply it through postal or can apply it online. These have come under the sector of driver and vehicle licensing agency. If an applier has to buy real driving license online should download the respected form for the driving license which is called D1 form. The UK government license is one of the countries longest duration license. The government will provide two types of license paper and card. All the citizens should carry them both.

D1 form procedure to get the license :

One can download the D1 form from the official government website. Then the person should take the theory and practical test. After clearing the test one can get the driving license. before apply for the UK driving license one should complete the age of 17. There are seven sections in the D1 license form.

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Section 1: This is the first section where the applier should fill up the basic details of their own.

Section 2: Here, one should select the vehicle details like bus, car, lorry or truck, etc. and some other extra personal details about the person.

Section 3: In this section, the applier should tick the checkbox whether they are eligible for reading the number board 20 m away from the vehicle. If the person is not capable they have to inform the driver and vehicle licensing agency by filling the additional document form known as V1 form.

This V1 form is required for the people who are under diagnosing or diagnosed by retinopathy, cataracts, glaucoma, muscular degeneration retinal treatment. If a person has glaucoma and retinopathy in one eye they do not want to fill the v1 form.

Section 4: Medical conditions.

Section 5: Proof of the person’s identity.

Section 6: Declaration that gives to the government by the person with the date and signature.

Section 7: Fees payment

These are the simple 7 sections that the D1 form of UK driving license contains with.

One can send the fee amount of 50 pounds online using a credit or debit card or simply by taking the check amount of 50 pounds and sent it through postal. But online payment takes lesser time comparatively by postal. After all this process one needs to wait for the tests that are theory and practical tests. For that one who applies for a driving license need to know about all the basic rules of the traffic. Without passing both the test no one can get a license from the UK government. It takes two to three weeks to get the driving license from the government. If a person is not a citizen of the UK then that person also gets the driving license after staying in the country for a few months. They also have to submit the passport, PR biometric card, etc for the verification process. And all other processes are similar. By following this process one can get the driving license in the UK.