Power to Choose

Why did energy deregulation give us the power to choose?

In this article, we will be discussing why the energy deregulation in Texas gave us the power to choose. Also, we will discuss why you should change your electricity supplier and what electricity rates you should pay in Texas.

Why did energy deregulation give us the power to choose?

Many of the Texas people had been given this power to use in the year 2002 when they became deregulated energy market. This means that the government had given this power to the hand of the Texas people, so it was fair for them.

There are hundreds of energy plans and also suppliers out there in the market which you need to choose from carefully. This is why the Texas government created the Power to Choose  website and tool to help the people. With this tool, people can easily search for a suitable energy supplier and plan according to their needs.

Texas is known to have more than 120 Retail Electric Providers (REP), and each of them has different rates and plans. The plans which many of them offer differ from green energy offers to free electricity during the nighttime. This is why it becomes tough for people to choose a plan and also a good supplier for themselves. However, some cities in Texas still need to use regulated energy because of the rules.

Power to Choose

They cannot even think about changing their electric supplier even if they have complaints about it. The utility companies are known to provide around 15% of the population represented by the Texas Public Power Association. This is why you need to know how to use this tool and also how to select the best supplier and plan.

Why should you change your electricity supplier?

The choice is critical in Texas because the weather here is uncertain as it may be too hot or even bring sudden storms. The winter weather of February in Texas saw the leap from 12 cents per kilowatt-hour to 9 dollars per kilowatt-hour.

When the people had calculated the rise, they had estimated a rise of about 7400% during February itself. Many people take the variable-rate plan, which is not ideal if you live in a place where the weather is unreliable.

You should choose to buy the fixed-rate plan because the market will not affect the price of your contract. The importance of choosing a plan yourself is important if you want to stay safe from market volatility.

What electricity rates should you spay in Texas?

The Texas energy department is very big, and it depends on many factors that you can explore. If you want to compare the prices and plans, then you should know the average bill and usage of each house.

Given below is a list of averages that were calculated in the year 2019 and helped you determine the usage.

  • The average price per kilowatt-hour in Texas is known to be somewhere around 11.76 cents.
  • The average monthly bill of the people living in Texas has come to $1344.07.
  • The annual average electricity consumption per month in Texas is somewhere around 1140 kWh.