Priory motorhome hire uk

What Options You Can Take for the Perfect Motor Home

Before leaving, it is often useful to take stock of the different expenses to be included in the budget. The use of the Priory motorhome hire uk is important now. The main points to consider are:

  • How much will I spend on gas? What is the fuel consumption of the motorhome I chose?
  • Is gas included in the rental price or do I have to bring my own bottle?
  • What additional costs are added if I do not fill the tank with clean water and do not drain the sewage tanks?
  • How much do the camping pitches cost?
  • How much will I spend on meals?
  • Is the end-of-stay cleaning included in the price of my rental?

Test driving before departure

The first trip by motorhome always requires a time of adaptation. Few people master the driving of such a vehicle the first time. It is recommended to test some maneuvers on a parking lot or in a quiet street before you find yourself in the city at rush hour. Remember to charge the vehicle before testing it. Indeed, driving is completely different if the vehicle is empty. Due to the size of the vehicle, the apprehension of obstacles and turns, as well as the braking, are not carried out as in the car.

Priory motorhome hire uk

Do not hesitate to ask

There is no stupid question. You can ask all your questions to the owner before you leave, but also once you are on the road. Do not be afraid and ask for details about the equipment you are using for the first time.

  • Do you know how the water supply works in campsites?
  • Do you know where to drain the sewage?
  • Do you know how to turn on the gas, water and electricity to run the heater, fridge and hobs?

List of equipment to take away

Experts’ advice to not forget anything before leaving: All motorhomes must be equipped with a CEE electrical cable, an adapter and a cable reel. Otherwise, you will not be able to have electricity at the campsite. Experts recommend that you bring a small vacuum cleaner to clean the carpets. A drying room can also be useful. It takes up little space once folded and there is easily a place to dry his clothes in the campsites. Token washing machines are usually available on site. Remember to take dishes and cutlery if it is not included in the rental. Plastic dishes are very practical and avoid breakage when you ride. Also, use shims to stabilize your vehicle on steep terrain.

Useful equipment by car is also available by motorhome. Isothermal protection for the windshield protects the dashboard from the sun. This will prevent you from burning your fingers. Flashlight and spare batteries are essential when camping. Pack a folding table and camping chairs if you want to enjoy pleasant moments under the awning.

Load your camper well

The location of the luggage in the vehicle is particularly important. Remember that freshwater, wastewater and fuel tanks weigh heavily. It is, therefore, better to be careful when loading.

Loading for camping

Place heavy objects, such as the gas cylinder, as low as possible, close to the axle, to avoid falling while driving. Remember that you also reach the maximum permissible load quickly. Light luggage can be stored safely in height. Many models are equipped with a large cargo compartment, above the rear axle, to store heavy luggage. Also think about the weight of purchases made during the trip.