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What Kind of an Escape Room Puzzle Option You Can Go For

An escape games is a puzzle game that you can experience as a team. The players generally evolve in a closed and themed place.  In short, it’s a bit like Fort Boyard but without the physical challenges.

Where do escape games come from?

Before taking shape in a real and tangible place, escape games were computer games called point-and-click, coded in Flash. The principle was simple: a part was represented on the screen and it was possible to click on objects to open or retrieve them. By associating different objects, the player unlocked mechanisms that allowed him to move forward in the game. Among the precursor point-and-click escape game games, there is “Mystery of Time and Space”, published in 2001, or even “Crimson Room”, created by Toshimitsu Takagi in 2004. One of the best known is “Myst”.

It was in 2007 in Japan, more precisely in Kyoto, that we saw the first transposition of point-and-clicks into the real world: the live escape game was born. The concept is developing in Asia, before arriving in Europe via Budapest in 2011 with the opening of Para Park. Over time, the game has evolved somewhat. Originally made up of a simple succession of puzzles and padlocks, the escape game is now often built around a coherent story, special effects and electronic mechanisms.

What is an escape game made of?

escape games


An escape game is above all logical puzzles. They can be visual, mathematical. You can group these enigmas within three main families: excavation, handling and reflection. The search is generally the first stage of the game. The player’s group together objects found in a drawer, behind a frame or under a carpet for example, before finding a use for them to progress in the adventure. During the game, players are then confronted with mechanisms that require logic and sometimes dexterity to activate.

The scenario and the immersion

The second component of the escape game and perhaps the most important is history. There are multiple themes, ranging from a simple prison to a pirate adventure through more fantastic universes. To be successful, an escape game must offer a coherent whole. Finally, we cannot imagine a perfect immersion without a perfect setting. Entering an escape game room means escaping your daily life to travel to a space station, a prehistoric cave or a Mayan temple, for example. Some brands even offer disguises to their players, who can immerse themselves fully in their role and in the story.

Who can participate in an escape game?

Anyone can participate in an escape game. No need for physical skills or special scientific or cultural knowledge. There are even children’s rooms, in which the level of difficulty of the puzzles is adapted.

How many players can participate?

The escape game is a team game that is played with friends, family or colleagues. Most often a team is made up of 3-6 players, but it is possible to play with 2 or even many more.

What is a game master?

The game master or game master will be your guardian angel during the game. It will follow your every move through cameras and microphones. He is the one who will send you help if you get stuck on a puzzle.