virtual team building singapore

Virtual team building using for social media and employees

To wrap things up, let’s talk about some tools that’ll help your virtual team building singapore go smoothly.

video conferencing platform

virtual team building singapore

A video conferencing solution is a must-have for not only team building, but also running a remote team period. For example, remote teams need to be able to seamlessly share their screens, chat via video, and work between multiple devices. With RingCentral Video, you can do all of the above and then some. Not only does the app let you collaborate instantly through video chat, but it’s also easy to set up and offers in-depth meeting analytics. Whether for fun or strictly business, RingCentral Video supports the needs of teams both big and small:

Employee recognition apps

For example, tools such as 15five allow you to send digital “high-fives” to your coworkers and celebrate wins at work. Just because you’re working remotely doesn’t mean that you have to give up compliments for a job well done. Each of these apps can help create a sense of friendship among your remote workforce through little messages and mini-activities throughout the day.

Social media platforms (Twitter, Instagram)

Finally, remember the role that social media can play when it comes to boosting the visibility of your team-building efforts. From introducing new employees to highlighting your activities, consider how you can use your social presence to shout-out your coworkers. Doing so is a subtle yet significant way to make your coworkers feel like part of a community.

Unplugged stand-ups

Not all virtual team building activities need to be pre-planned or scheduled in advance. Case in point, consider having a Friday meeting or transform your Friday stand-up that’s laid-back and includes opportunities for your team to talk about more than what they did at work that week. For example, encourage your coworkers to talk about their weekend plans or upcoming events that they’re looking forward to. This sort of team building is something that you can naturally integrate into your employees’ schedules.

Virtual happy hour

Although you might not be able to physically grab a drink with your coworkers, you can still recreate the same vibe virtually with video conferencing. No big secrets or prep required here. Simply shoot the breeze after-hours and enjoy an adult beverage or two (or three, we won’t judge) If you want to make your happy hour feel like a party, virtual karaoke is all-the-rage right now. You can likewise spice up your get-togethers with a dedicated Spotify playlist to broadcast to your team.

Social check

Interacting with your coworkers via social may not seem like a big deal, but doing so is a simple way to encourage some playful back-and-forth. For example, why not share highlights of your team’s video conferences on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. So many teams are doing exactly that right now as they adapt to working from home and want to share their experience with the world. Encouraging check-ins, comments, and responses from your team on social media is yet another way to create camaraderie. The trend of more teams going remote isn’t going to slow down anytime soon. And in an era where so much is uncertain and everything seems to change day-to-day, a bit of lighthearted fun could be exactly what your team needs to stay sane. All the more reason to try out some new virtual team building activities ASAP.