Theatrical cinema is losing popularity in the Country

Television, DVD, piracy on the Internet: the year 2018 was marked by a significant decline in the number of spectators in theaters. You can enjoy all the current films in Movies123 .

The Decline

In the cinemas, the decline in attendance should be between 10 and 15 per cent compared to last year, record year it is true: in 2004, nearly 195 million viewers had gone into the dark rooms, better result for 21 years. We will be far off the mark in 2005.

USA Cinemas

In the United States, the same phenomenon of decline in the film industry: for the first time since 2001 annual box office revenues should be less than $ 9 billion against $ 9.3 billion on average for three years and the number of entries should be around 1.4 billion, the lowest score since 1997. In addition to the competition of DVD and Internet, still in full swing, the lack of locomotives has probably been one reasons for the relative disaffection of the audience: no choristers or Lord of the Rings this year to pull the numbers up, the champions of the recipes (Star Wars – Episode III, the fourth Harry Potter and, on the French side, the phenomenon Brice of Nice) being less solid than those of previous years.

However, we saw some beautiful things on the screens in 2005: both American side, only in French cinema (To beat my heart stopped, The march of the Emperor, Hidden, The Russian dolls, Merry Christmas or Dad and I’m not here to be loved, two pretty intimate movies unfortunately a little ignored by the public).

Rise of Cannes


In Cannes, the Dardenne brothers won their second Palme d’or with L’enfant, while at Oscars Clint Eastwood and his superb Million Dollar Baby defeated Martin Scorsese’s Aviator. More surprising was the victory of L’Esquive aux C├ęsar (four awards, including best film), AbdellatifKechiche’s film making us forget the five statuettes of Jean-Pierre Jeunet’s Long Engagement Sunday.

  • The year 2005 saw the notoriety of two actors and an actress truly take off in the French cinema: Jean Dujardin (Brice de Nice, Love to the Kits, Do not swear anything), Clovis Cornillac (Brice Nice, Next, The knights of the sky, the cactus) and Marion Cotillard (Innocence, Cavalcade, My life in the air, the black box, Edy’). Abroad, the rising star is Scarlett Johansson, noticed in Match Point and The Island, and will be seen in 2006 in The Black Dahlia).
  • The future of cinema has also been played out behind the scenes, notably at the end of the year the purchase of DreamWorks by Paramount and, in France, the control taken by Canal on TPS as well as the television / cinema agreement on the video. On demand33 weeks after the release of a film in cinemas but the year ended on a snag in the National Assembly, MPs and government not agree on the regulation of downloading (music, cinema) on the Internet.

Finally, he probably would evoke in the footsteps of Douglas Gomery, segregation in the South, and racial discrimination in the North. Why, indeed, the segregation, legal at the time in the South, and the racial discrimination, banal in the North, would not they have also seized in the places of spectacle? Gomery points out the different discriminatory and segregationist strategies: in the North, the most common is either to be, as always, as “invisible” as possible or, more frequently, and as in the South, to frequent the black cinema of the neighborhood or of the ghetto, obviously inferior in all respects to the rooms of the white districts.