uae residence visa

Do you want to know about the residence visa?

Dubai is a beautiful country, isn’t it? Before you want to know about the visa and residence visa, You must know about the what is the purpose of the passport, visa, and residence visa, and why is that very important? The first rule of uae residence visa holders is it should be valid for three months while entering Dubai. Can you imagine our country’s airlines? There are many airlines company in our country, right? And there are like Air India, Indigo and some other airlines too. But we can divide their airline’s duty or flight transportation into two. That is domestic transportation and the other one is international transportation. In domestic transportation, you should take the flight tickets but no need to take the passports. Inside your country, you can travel without the passports but flight tickets must. For example, you can travel from Pune to Kolkata without passports through the flights. Because, there are no needs for passports because you are an Indian citizen, right? So, it is no need.

uae residence visa

The other thing is the visa. Passports for the evidence that you are the Indian citizen and visa for entry ticket or permission letter and whatever you take. Abroad countries allow you only if you have a visa. Every country has different visa and different conditions. If you want to enter your wish country, then you should get their respective visa. If you want to stay, then you should get a residence visa. Passport is helping us to get away from our country. But you want permission from your target country to enter into their country. Visa is helping us with this issue. If you want to stay in your wish country, then you should get a residence visa. In case, if you change your mind. I mean you want to stay permanently in your wish country. Then what should you do? The answer is simple you should get a permanent residence visa. You can call it is a green card also. You saw in many movies that if you marry a woman in abroad country, then you will get that country’s green card, right? But literally, this is right. You should be eligible for this but not get by suddenly. So, keep it is in your mind.

The number of visa type and residence visa in UAE:

  • In visit visa type, you can get 90 days to stay at UAE. And also you should pay for a visa and the charge is 696 AED. AED is nothing but Arab Emirates dirham.
  • In the tourist visa type, you can get 30 days to stay in the UAE. And also you should pay a charge as 336 AED.
  • In the service visa type, you can get 14 days to stay in the UAE. And also you should pay a charge as 414 AED. These are basic visa types.
  • If you want to apply for the residence visa and then you should follow these. You should pay 265 AED for quota submission, and 3000 AED for bank guaranty, and 270 AED for Emirates ID processing fees and then renew every year by paying 110 AED.