10 Actionable Search Engine Optimization Tips for Newbies

1. Improve your page load speed

What do you do if you land on a page that takes too long to load?

You will hit the back button and open a different website. If this is happening for your website then it’s a cause for alarm, as page speed is one of Google’s ranking factors.

Slow loading page is a big no. Even if you think page speed won’t matter in the ranking, you have to think about the user experience. In the end, you want a satisfied user, and a slow loading page is not something a user would like.

So, increase the page load speed by decluttering is important.

SEO Basic - Improve your page load
Google PageSpeed Insights analyze your web page content and give suggestions to improve it.

To check your website’s speed, you can use Google PageSpeed Insight. It will help you check the speed of your page, one at a time, …