A Perfect Tour in Jaipur Via Taxi

Looking closely at the distant and incomprehensible to us India, only Indian songs and dances from films come to mind, and we immediately want to plunge into the world of an endless holiday. An ideal place for such a trip can be considered Jaipur, the pink city, as it is called. Such an exotic name, Jaipur received because of the old quarter, where almost all the buildings are painted pink. Jaipur, India Jaipur, India Jaipur: You can head to Jaipur from Delhi in Taxi and that is the reason that you can have the best options available for the same now from JaipurDelhiTaxi.com .

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If you plan your trip at the very beginning of March, you should pay attention to the Elephant Festival, an obligatory part of which has become polo on decorated animals. For local residents, the elephant is generally a matter of pride, and the elephant for the Festival is a pearl collection of every resident of Jaipur.

Jaipur Elephant Festival

It is also worth visiting the City Palace, which in fact is a whole complex consisting of palaces, pavilions, temples and amazingly beautiful gardens. At the same time, Hawa Mahal, another palace that is the hallmark of Jaipur, cannot be ignored. The Palace of the Winds, as the name Hawa Mahal is translated, was an observation deck for women who used its lattice windows to watch what was happening outside without putting on a burqa.

Palace of the Winds, Jaipur, India Palace of the Winds, Jaipur, India

Often in the guidebooks it is not indicated, but next to the Palace of the Winds, there is an observatory, which is also worth paying attention to. After that, he will head to the City Palace to enjoy the local flavor. There is a local market where you can buy souvenirs, enjoy the taste of local cuisine. Jaipur is surrounded on three sides by forts, which can also be visited by lovers of military history. Experienced guides will show all the remote corners of these beautiful architectural monuments.

Amber Fort, Jaipur

Special attention deserves Jal Mahal, a palace that stands on the water. You can also see it from a yacht while walking on Lake Man Sarobar. Jal Mahal consists of five floors, and during the monsoon period the lake is filled with water, four floors are filled with water. Boat trips are possible only in calm weather. If you are lucky to be there, these impressions will remain with you for a long time.

For those who do not dare to swim in the ice Ganges, there is a great alternative. You can finish your trip not far from Maklo, there is a wonderful waterfall where you can swim. And if there is time, then stay for a couple of days in a tent that you can rent in a local tea shop. For animal lovers, it is worth noting that in Jaipur there are a huge number of monkeys of completely different species.

From ordinary monkeys to macaques

Tourists are forced to close windows at night, and during the day carefully monitor their belongings. Jaipur even has its own palace of monkeys, which is worth visiting if only because there is no such place anywhere else in the world.