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The electric fence systems in addition to warding off invaders also work as an alarm when the shock wire is cut or even touched, triggering an audible alarm through a siren. This same alarm function allows you to configure the shock panel so that the moment the shock wire is touched or broken, one or more telephone numbers are communicated about the possible intrusion. The electric fence panels allow the installation of a battery which guarantees the protection of the perimeter even with momentary power outages. The Fence Contractor offers the best choices there.

Technical standards for installation

ABNT provides some technical specifications for the installation, such as:

  • Minimum height
  • Distance between insulating rods
  • Maximum voltage

Bearing in mind that ABNT is a federal agency, one must also take into account state and municipal legislation. Ivy grown outdoors is an excellent option if you want spaces with privacy. It is a plant of the Araliaceae family with more than 15 different species. In decoration, interior design and gardening, it is widely used thanks to its appearance, since it is very beautiful.

It is a great ally when it comes to creating private spaces.

In addition, ivy grows quickly, creating branches that extend over the chosen surface. Therefore, it is important to have a commitment to take care of it and do the necessary maintenance so that the plant does not invade other areas or even other properties. In today’s text, we will talk about growing ivy outdoors. It’s a fantastic plant to create vegetable coverings that give privacy to our environments.

How is ivy?

Ivy is a plant used to cover walls, walls and fences like carpet because it is both creeper and creeper. In exteriors, it can be placed on walls, walls and fences, which do not hit much sun, because ivy is a plant that likes shade. If it gets too much sun, it loses the bright green of its leaves. Indeed, it is a very resistant plant and we can find it both indoors and outdoors. In addition, it is a plant that grows in temperate climates where the temperature is between -4ºC and 40ºC and its maintenance is very easy.

Outdoor ivy can reach 30 meters in height. Its berry-shaped fruit is very poisonous to humans. As we said earlier, there are many different species, but the ivy used outdoors is common ivy and Canarian ivy.

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What are the benefits of ivy?

Many people decide to have ivy outdoors due to aesthetics. Although ivy brings a lot of personality and presence to a facade, there are also many other benefits. We will highlight the following:

  • Prevents erosion: when ivy covers walls and walls it prevents erosion, because the impact of the sun, rain and moisture fall on it, and not on the structure.
  • It acts as a thermal reducer: usually, the ivy is a few meters. In some houses, it is present throughout the facade. In this way, they bring freshness to the house and absorb moisture.
  • Benefits to the environment: if you are a person who cares about the environment, you would like to know that ivy grown outdoors through its photosynthesis, absorbs toxic gases like CO2 to convert it into oxygen and release it back into the atmosphere.

On the other hand, ivy grown outdoors can be planted on different surfaces. For example walls, walls, entire facades, in houses, fences or gardens.