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What are Bitcoin and Blockchain and why investing now is important?

Bitcoin’s popularity and excitement are growing these days. You may or may not have heard about it before. In any case, the multi-three billion-dollar financial industry essentially flies below the radar of most people, which makes it a good opportunity to position itself before it hits the mainstream. And now is the time to buy ethereum because the knowledge of cryptocurrency is viral. Even certain universities teach Bitcoin, cryptocurrency and blockchain technology!

What Blockchain is?

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Tech Blockchain is where bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies live. The blockchain is also used for applications other than cryptocurrencies, such as smart contracts. In short, the blockchain is a decentralized encrypted booklet. It stores records of all transactions within it and is managed through a peer-to-peer network. In other words, individuals and companies are using it to move digital assets over the Internet without the need for any third party (i.e. banks, governments).

There are more reports every day about what can, can and should exist in Crypto Currencies (CC’s) and Blockchain. There has been a lot of investment, work and talk, but coins and projects are not yet mainstream. They have not yet come up with the expected explosive improvements. Several ideas are debated and created, but none have produced large game changes. What is important is for big players in the business, including IBM, Microsoft and the major financial services companies to create useful Blockchain applications-applications without which the entire world can not exist.

Financial services are a mature aim for Blockchain ventures as today’s banking systems tend to be built on outdated, honest and painfully digitized concepts and are obsolete because they are costly to maintain and run. Banks have nearly a good reason to charge high service charges-their systems are not effective. Such systems have many redundant data layers because everybody involved in a transaction must have their transaction details. Then we ensure that a trustworthy third party clears all these transactions-requiring even more versions of the same data.

Last summer, Maersk received support from the customs authorities, freight forwarders and container-filling companies. It conducted its first tests of the new digital shipping leader for shipping routes from Rotterdam to Newark with these partners. Following the signing of the agreement, the customs authorities could immediately upload a copy with a digital signature to see that it was complete for everyone concerned, including Maersk and other governments. If there were disagreements later, everyone would be able to go back to the record and be sure nobody had changed it between now and now. The cryptography involved often makes it difficult to forge computer signatures.

The technology of Blockchain aims to solve these problems, as each transaction is captured in only one block of the chain, and as it is a distributed ledger, protection and fairness are integrated and guaranteed. It may take some time to build confidence in these new systems, as verifiers of transactions in Blockchain are not conventional clearing companies that banks now use and trust. Banks ‘ confidence in new technology will take time, and this trust is even more time to deceive customers.

Another business that can soon be prepared to give Amazon a big boost to CC and Blockchain. It looks as if Amazon is ready to start its own cryptocurrency. This is a business that earns revenue of the size of a good country and can issue a digital token fully convertible with other CCs and fiat currencies.