Power to Choose

Way to choose your part of the energy

Power to Choose is a government-based website or platform which allows you to choose among all the energy options available in the market. This eases our task of comparing by collecting all the data at one site and we don’t get confused over selecting a plan.  Power to choose allows you numerous options with the company, plans, and many other services.

Power to Choose

What power to choose lets you choose?

  • Electricity provider – Power to choose offers a wide range of active plans and companies to choose among. You can find a suitable according to you whatever your needs are. Every company offers different rates, perks, and services and many may match your
  • Rate plans – This website also allows you to choose the type of rate plan suitable for you the most. There are two types of rate plans- ‘
  1. Fixed-rate plan – This plan offers a fixed rate for your energy consumption throughout the tenure of your contract plan. The fixed price cannot be changed in the middle of the plan whatever the situation is. It can be changed only after the plan ends once. This can be a suitable option for one wanting consistent energy for his house and not wanting to build up the tension every month for changing rates.
  2. Variable-rate plan – This is a plan contradicting the fixed energy plan. In this, the prices of energy you pay change month to month depending on the market value. This plan does not bind you with any contract providing you with the freedom to cancel the services by a particular company and shift to another company without being charged any termination fee. This is a risk with benefits. If the prices fall severely then you save ample amounts of money, but if the prices rise suddenly then you have to pay high prices as compared to a fixed plan. You can find the best variable-rate plan according to your needs. It is best suitable for one who can take risks and one who can predict the market for a longer range of time. Although predicting the market may go wrong many times.
  • Contract lengths– through this power to choose an option, with company and rates you have the freedom to choose the tenure of your contract with a company. Contract length may vary from one month to almost three or more years. It completely depends on the company about the maximum length of the contract. People generally prefer a contract over a shorter period of time due to the termination fee charged in case of cancellation of the contract. If one cannot afford a termination fee, he/she has to wait for the contract tenure to end to shift to better services. Although longer tenure contracts also provide price relaxations they can be made only if you trust the provider company.

There are many other options available depending on the companies like green energy. You can choose what you find the best. But deep research has to be done to confirm the best plan for you. You have to verify and choose each option wisely.