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Various Ways To Plan Hen Parties

Every one feels happy to look at the bride on the wedding day. At the same time the role played by the bridesmaids are enormous and cannot be forgotten easily. They plan everything related to wedding without any questions. They cry with the bride and share the excitement and grief along with the bride. People who have never been bridesmaid have to follow certain rules to get awareness in order to plan the wedding of the bride. The rules comes in handy and helps the bridesmaids to select the floral arrangements, dresses and other plans over the cup of tea. hen parties are organized with ease these days.

Rules to be followed:  There parties must be planned in advance. The time duration must be between 4 to 6 weeks prior to the great day. The bride must get time to recover from the party. Financial matters must also be taken into consideration for the two events.

Bride’s involvement: It is important to know whether the bride is interested in the preparations for the hen party. Many may not be interested in the preparations of the hen parties. The bride will prefer the bestie for this purpose. As she trusts her besties most it entirely depends on the girls to plan the best for the bride.  It’s better to ask the bride what she loves. Enquire about her tastes and what she is interested to enjoy.

Notice in advance: After planning the date it is better to give prior notice to all other hens so that they can save the dates to avoid any date conflicts as everyone have to plan their schedule from the work time. This must be done on priority basis to avoid conflicts.

Target audience: It is important to know the audience. Everyone must be involved. No guest must be isolated from the event or avoided. The planners must be very careful regarding this. All the generations must be included in the party. Be realistic and plan the activity that will suit everyone. It is better to keep this in mind while planning the event.

Monitor the budget: Staying local and planning for a day out or for dinner may cost more. It is not necessary that everyone have too much money to spend. It is prime factor to be kept in mind while planning hen parties. It is better to provide flexible offers. Hen parties will include all generations, young ladies, single and married and young mums and pregnant ladies as well. It is important to offer couple of plans outside the main plan. For instance while planning for two night away for dinner it is better to offer the option of just one night or while planning activities afternoon drinks and dinner be flexible and offer dinner only.

hen parties

Plan the travel : While heading out for hen parties it is better to plan the journey. Plan the transport including minibuses, trains, taxis and other sorts of transport to take people from location. Transport charges must be included in the budget so that the same can be paid in advance. It is an easy away to keep all the guests together. It will also help to avoid loosing any guests. Send notifications through emails and keep them updated on regular basis and send limited emails. It is always better to avoid overdoing it.