BMW repair

True Balances for the Best BMW Repair

If there is something frustrating for a driver it is a car crash. In addition to generating a lot of nuisance and wear, there are cases where the damage caused to the bodywork, however simple, stands out, requiring the service of bodywork and painting. For the BMW repair this is perfect.

With this in mind, we have written this article with tips to help you choose the most appropriate body shop and paint shop for your problem. Prepared? Come on.

Mistrust prices far below normal

The first step in choosing a workshop is to analyze the prices charged by it. Pay attention to too low prices or workshops that offer big discounts on the franchise price.

Bodywork and painting are services that require quality materials and workmanship, as well as manual and quite practical skills.

Therefore, it is to be assumed that good professionals charge for the quality of the service offered and, unlike other services, poorly done bodywork or painting does not appear immediately. So don’t get carried away by very low prices if you want quality service.

Differentiate hammer

The hammer service is cheaper than the body shop, so it is common for the driver to take the car to the repair shop willing to solve all his problems with the gold hammer.

However, it is good to make it clear that hammering is only for when the paint has not been tapped. In addition, it is a service of minor repairs of simple wrinkles.

Scraping is not always the solution

Just as a paint knockout it is not the case for a hammer, a collision that resulted in major damage to the bodywork is not the case for a body shop, and the specialist will probably suggest replacing the part.

But it is important that you evaluate the situation your car is in. Remember that unscrewing is only for minor repairs and that any rework in a metallic material causes changes in the strength of the part. As a result, over the years, it may become more rigid and permanent deformation may arise.

Search for referrals from friends and acquaintances

BMW repair

Unfortunately, street traffic today is a hostile environment where we are constantly subject to an accident.

Thanks to this, it is rare to find someone who never crashed the car while driving around. Therefore, ask family, friends and acquaintances about referrals from workshops where they have achieved good results.

Understand that the tinker service is not the same as the painter’s and vice versa

In the automotive repair business, it is unusual to find people with enough skills to fit the “do it all” figure. With the services of a body shop and painting is no different. Of course, there are exceptions where the same employee is competent in both. But generally, each of these services requires a different expert.

What did you think of our article about bodywork and painting? Did you like the tips offered? So be sure to check out our article on the details of the review when buying a semi-new car and stay on top of it!