pool renovation

The types of repair that needs to be done in case of in-ground pool repair

In the case of having a pool, you will have to make repairs from time to time to maintain it. Pools are a sign of luxury and you will have to do pool renovation to make it look as new as possible. So, it is important that you complete your pool repair process and fix all that is wrong and keep your pool new and clean. There are two types of pools. One is the in-ground pool and the other one is the in-ground pool. The in-ground pool is quite expensive because it requires a lot of digging work and also the repairs are higher in rate for the in-ground pools when compared to the in-ground pools.

pool renovation

The repairs you will need to do in case of any in-ground repairs include the following.

Most of the inground pools will be built using concrete. So, you will be needed to make repairs to the concrete if it has any cracks. The concrete and gunite pools are the type of pools that are very common types of in-ground pools. Building a concrete pool requires a lot of work and also requires a huge labor force. On the other hand, gunite is a material that is a mixture of cement and sand. The concrete pools are poured into with the help of wooden forms whereas the gunite pools are poured with the help of a steel rod. Both these pools, that is the gunite and the concrete pools can be renovated as per the taste of the person who wants the pools. Both these swimming pools can be tiled and painted and different shapes and forms of the swimming pool can be built totally depending on the personal taste of the owner of the swimming pool. The most common repair work that is done for the gunite and the concrete pools is basically the cracks, popping up, and also the hollo spot replacing. You will need to doa plaster coating for the repair work. You will also need to sand down the whole pool and then plaster coat it. Patching can be done for these types of pools as a temporary fix. These temporary fixed are cheap. But these patchworks are only feasible for cracks, if there is a pop up of the pool then there is no temporary fix for that. You need to do a complete repair in case of any pooping up in the gunite and concrete pools.

Cracks come in the gunite or concrete pool is because of the plaster coating it is subjected to. Repairing work in the pool should be done only after draining the pool completely and resurfacing it. If the cracks are huge and hollow to be handled with just a small patchwork, then the cracks should be opened and then filled with the call walking before doing the plaster coating and closing the patch. If there are large cracks in your pool then it is good to be left to a professional rather than you clean and fix it yourself.  The cost lies for one foot of patchwork is somewhere between sixty-five dollars to a dollars.