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The Best Polishing concrete floors in India

My home floors were old. I have a lot of confusion about using polishing the floors and tile the floor. Then I thought about my friend puspita. She is a well known interior designer in Kolkata. She is very famous (I am the only person to know her). No, I am just joking. She was an interior designer for Bollywood superstar Ranbir Kapoor homes. I contact her and ask that which are the best option tiles or polishing the floors? She told that this is depending upon your area. She knows my home very well. So she prefers that polishing method for my home. She also prefers to vist external site for polishing the concrete floors. Floor scrubbing and polishing offers the best-polished concrete for many locations around India. They give a tab for location on their website. If you select a tab on your location and you got another two tabs about services. There are two tabs. The one is surface type and type of priority. Surface tab had marble floor polish, granite floor polish, mosaic floor polish, floor scrubbing. And the type of priority had residential and commercial options. If you choose any options in these tabs, then you will get price details about their service. Yes, I got a good polishing concrete floor in my home and kudos goes to dear puspita. I forget something to tell you that they have some inclusions and exclusions.

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Inclusions and exclusions:                                                                

  • They have some procedure for polishing the floor. That is the cleaning and scrubbing the floor on stain removal from pores and restoring shine.
  • They carried some equipment like hand scrubbing brush or machine, dry and wet vacuum, cleaner, mops, buckets, cleaning agents, dusters and garbage bags.
  • They carried one or two crew members along. Time taken for polishing the concrete is around two-six hours depends upon your floor type and size.

Best polishing concrete floors in India:

Indiamart announce that best companies are offering the best service in polishing concrete floors. There are concrete polishing services, retro plate system, and concrete floor polishing services, floor densification works are some best polishing concrete floor companies in India.

Concrete polishing services: concrete polishing service located in Dwarka, Delhi. They are best in polishing concrete floors in commercial buildings. They are indoor court types. They are twelve years in the industry. Installation and re-installations are available services. They have AMC too. AMC is nothing but an annual maintenance charge. They check services and visits per year apart from service calls. This is called AMC.

Retroplate system: A retro plate system offers service around Hyderabad. They are also best in commercial buildings for polishing the concrete floors. They have AMC too.

Floor densification: floor densification offers service around Mumbai. They are best in residential areas for polishing the concrete floors. They are the best in the city and they have AMC too. Are your home floors getting old? Don’t worry about polishing your home concrete floors and make a better home. Check on external sites about polishing concretes which will be very helpful to the people.