Step by Step Guide to Install Split AC

What do you mean by Air Conditioning?

Air conditioning is a process that includes removal of heat and moisture from the interior of occupied space, to provide full comfort to the occupants.It is better known as AC, A/C, or air con. However, installing a Split AC by own is not known to all but do visit a reliable Air conditioning website that guides you with general instructions for installing your Split Air Conditioner to enjoy your summers!

Guide to Install Split AC Step by Step:

Just follow the below-mentioned steps:


Installation of Indoor Unit

  • When planning a Split AC installation inside of any location do check for the unobstructed place to mount the indoor unit. Avoid direct sunlight and any other heat sources like gas, oil mist or sulfur Choose appropriate space to install your AC and ensure that your wall is strong enough to hold the unit due to its heavy weight. Provide a wooden or metal frame support to the group.
  • Now hold the mounting plate towards the wall in which room you want to install your AC and drill holes into the wall where you need to fix the dish. For firm grip insert plastic anchors into those holes and secure the unit with tapping screws.
  • According to the length of the pipe, you need to make a hole to the exterior of the wall that opens the mounting bracket and fit the piping for adequate drainage.Next, insert a flexible flange into the hole.
  • Connect all the cable wires on the screw terminals with the help of the user Now insert the piping into the hole drilled towards the exterior of the wall and cut the length of the PVC pipe little shorter in distance between your interior and exterior wall surfaces.
  • Now insert the pipe cap on the interior of the PVC pipe and the wall hole. Now bind together the copper pipes, the power cables and the drain pipe using electrical tape and then tighten the connection.

Installation of Outdoor Condenser

 Avoid any dusty area and choose the best place to install the outdoor unit and ensure to keep 12-inch space for proper functioning.

  • Fix a concrete pad on the ground so that the condenser is safe in winter snows. Better use rubber cushion to minimize vibration and allow the outdoor condenser on top of the pad. Make sure there is no other electronic gadget near the outdoor condenser.
  • Now connect all the electrical wires and remove the cover of the condenser if any doubts check with the manufacturer’s manual to fix accordingly and then fasten the cables using a cable clamp and replace its cover. At last secure the corresponding pipes on the outdoor unit.

 Complete Fixing of Split AC Installation

  • Try to remove the present air and humidity from the refrigerant circuit and caps from 2 and 3-way valves and the service port. Connect the vacuum pump hose with the service port till it reaches 10mm Hg and close the pressure knob and turn off the vacuum. Please check once all the valves and joints for any leakage.
  • Use insulating covering and tape to wrap up the joints of the piping.
  • Now mount the piping to the wall using clamps and then seal the hole on the wall using expanding polyurethane foam.


To beat the summers and experience sound sleep, installation of ACs is necessary for every home. Whether it is a Window AC, Split AC or Central AC follow the above-mentioned guidelines for fixing your Split AC by yourself referring to the manual and ensure the safety of your family.