villa in Bali

Stay not only to live and also to enjoy

Airbnb is a place of an online market based on the community which connects the people and the travelers by providing them an owner’s property and as well as their homes for rent. The Airbnb is abbreviated as Air bed and breakfast. The company of Airbnb is headquartered in San Francisco in California. When you have booked a room through Airbnb it takes nearly 6 percent to 12 percent from guests and three percent commission for each booking. The article is about the villa in Bali . This application of an Airbnb will provide you more and more choices through which you can be able to select or book the apartment or a room easily which is convenient for themselves.

villa in Bali


Airbnb can be downloaded in android mobiles to book your apartment or a room in any other country, this makes your work easy too. The person who travels they used to search an apartment or a room for their stay, in this way the application of an Airbnb helps to book through an online which leads you without stress in this type of work.  Still to say about the application of Airbnb is acting as a broker which is also meant for the act between the buyer and as well as the seller. After selling, the Airbnb takes the commission from the seller. This is a procedure for Airbnb. Airbnb provides a lodging which is also known as a short-time stay with that the Airbnb also provides basic requirements for the people whoever let to stay which includes the hand and body soap, linens, pillows and also the towels will be provided. With the major experiences of an Airbnb, the people who ever wish to stay will book Airbnb with the local guides which include meetups, guided tours and as well as cooking classes. The Airbnb collections will be to stay everyone with their families, for work purposes, wedding homes, dinner parties and as well as gatherings. There will be suitable for every people whoever wishes to gather for any purpose. Then the plus of an Airbnb is to verify the room conditions which includes a refrigerator which should be in cleaned condition, equipment’s which have been given for cooking, toiletries which are stock, water pressure which will be very strong in condition, and fast Wi-Fi. Airbnb application list out the properties which are available from high cost to low cost.


There are lots and lot of conditions required to book and even cancellation of a room or an apartment which is also known as terms and conditions. Flexible, strict conditions, moderate are the three methods of cancellation. The cancellation is a process that allows the hosts to choose the three methods of cancellation process which is given below.


Flexible is a refund method in which the guest will able to get the refund amount within twenty-four hours.


The cancellation must be informed before five days of the week by the guests who prefer you to the Airbnb


In this type of cancellation process,  the guests used to refund only fifty percent of the amount even the gusts announced a cancellation before seven days with a charge of 100 dollar penalty.