Explosion Proof Air Conditioner

Smart Choices for the Immediate Choices of Air Conditioning

Air conditioners of the company occupy a leading position in the market for the production of air conditioners. Their air conditioners are of good quality and high reliability. Daikin scientists are constantly developing new features for more convenient and comfortable use of the split system. For a residential building, for production purposes, there is a huge selection of models.

Explosion Proof Air Conditioner

The Intelligent Eye function allows you to monitor the indoor climate. Also, these air conditioners are environmentally friendly. In modern models, manufacturers abandoned the use of R22 freon. Prices for wall-mounted air conditioners of this company range from $ 600 to $ 4,000. With the Explosion Proof Air Conditioner you can expect the best deal now.

  • Mitsubishi Electric (Japan, Great Britain, Thailand) is one of the most popular companies producing split systems and air conditioning systems. The climatic equipment of this brand is distinguished by high energy efficiency, a low noise level of up to 19 dates and many additional functions that provide maximum comfort. The prices of this manufacturer range from $ 1,000 to $ 7,000.

Air conditioners Hitachi (Malaysia)

  • A combination of low price and high-quality cooling. Suitable for office premises, as well as for residential apartments or houses. The price is 700-3000 $.
  • Toshiba Air conditioners of this company are compact, efficient and reliable. Prices range from $ 600 to $ 2,000.
  • Panasonic (Malaysia) is a popular brand of household appliances. Panasonic split systems are equipped with highly efficient air purifiers and reliable filters. Convenient control and installation flexibility make the climate technology of this brand demanded in the air conditioning market. Price from 500 to 1500 $.
  • Korean split-systems LG bribe a lot of design solutions that allow you to choose a split-system suitable for any interior. A good air purification system and high power are the main advantages. Price from 300 to 900 $.

First of all, choose the type of split system

This allows you to significantly narrow your search.

The second, and perhaps the most important, a criterion is the price. The functional of the air conditioner must meet its value, it makes no sense to overpay for the brand.

Working area

It is determined by the quadrature of the room. If you plan to install a multi-split system, then the working area will consist of the sum of the areas of the individual rooms.

Nominal and maximum power of the air conditioner

  • Rated is the power specified by the manufacturer. Under the influence of atmospheric conditions, mechanical factors affecting the operation of the split system, the rated power drops. Accordingly, it is recommended to clarify the real or maximum power of the air conditioner.
  • Ionization filters. This is a useful gadget, as it counteracts the appearance of bacteria in the air conditioner and cleans the supplied air from viruses and allergens. The only drawback is that it needs regular replacement. From the point of view of physics, silver ions decay a maximum in a month.No noise. This parameter is indicated in the technical specifications of the air conditioner.

Make sure that it does not exceed:

It is better to choose inverter split systems. It will help to save electricity and will constantly maintain the set temperature. Pay attention to the weight of the split system. A high-quality air conditioner will always weigh more, as the main structural elements must be made of metal, not plastic.