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Site attendance – useful tips You Can Have Now

How to correctly analyze the attendance of a web resource? What do you need to pay attention? How to distinguish potential customers from casual visitors? Answers to these and other questions can be found in this material. Here are the basics of analyzing site traffic. Since the article is aimed at beginners, well-known positions will often be found in it. With the analysis of the trending websites you can have the smartest options.

Where to get the statistics?

When creating a site, it is recommended to install on it any available counter. The most popular services are there. The counter is a small code that is installed on all pages of the resource. The task of the counter is to record data about visits and visitors.

Site traffic analysis Free counter is able to collect a huge array of information. It allows you to record the number of visits per unit of time, sources of transitions, time spent by the user on the site, and much more. It is worth noting that each meter has an error (about 10%), and may also underestimate the indicators. Without a counter, a qualitative analysis becomes impossible.

If desired, the webmaster can close the statistics from competitors. Nevertheless, most sites on the Internet using open meters, which are visible to every visitor. Most often, the counter is located at the bottom of the page.

The most important indicators reflect the quality of the audience and site popularity. For qualitative analysis, data are needed only of some basic parameters.

The number of visits per month

This indicator reflects the approximate number of people who have visited the site for the month.

The number of views per visitor

trending websites

An indicator is reflecting the average number of site views by one visitor. The depth of viewing helps the webmaster evaluate the information content and usefulness of the resource. Too large indicators of the depth of viewing indicate the inaccessibility of information, poor navigation, and confusing structure of the site. The visitor is just hard to find the necessary information; he is forced to bypass the entire site, look into the farthest corners. Each webmaster evaluates this indicator individually. A high-quality commercial site has a depth of 2.5 to 4 pages per visit.

The number of visitors who viewed more than one page

If a visitor leaves the site after viewing only one page, then the information does not arouse his interest, and the visit is random.

Sources of transitions

The indicator reflects the resource from which the transition was made to the site. This could be a search engine, a directory, Wikipedia, a social network, and so on. It is important to follow the thematic unity of the source of transitions and the main site. A quality source provides potential customers and a targeted audience.

Search phrases

The indicator lists the words and phrases by which new visitors come from search engines. Analysis of search phrases allows you to define the goals of visitors. Only people who want to make an action make a purchase, place an order are considered valuable. Random search phrases do not bring any benefit and do not increase sales.

Each site owner must always monitor the success of the project, analyze the attendance of the resource, draw conclusions, and make the necessary adjustments.