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Putlocker: can your computer get virus affected?

Don’t we all like to watch movies? We sure do! But what if I tell you there is a way you can watch a recent blockbuster title that is not yet out of the theater for free? I’m not kidding, and you can confirm that if you search for “Putlocker” on Google. Putlocker is a site with an enormous database of all the hit titles you ever wanted to watch. It was reportedly introduced online from the UK in early 2012, and since then, and fans of putlocker movies made this site one of the most popular entertainment websites of all time.

So, why we are talking about Putlocker when so many other movie sites are there? Yes, there are many, but when Putlocker came in 2012, there was not much option for the people who wanted to enjoy movies free. Hence, when Putlocker came, it became an instant hit with more 780,000 views per day on average. Once Megaupload got permanently closed by the authorities, Putlocker reaped the benefit, and by that time, it was receiving almost 1.7 million views daily. Putlocker tried to avoid the fate of Megaupload by not hosting any material in its own site, but it was only providing links of the content from other 3rd party sites. Although that didn’t help much as the UK authorities banned the primary domain of Putlocker soon, and since then, it is available in many other secondary domain names.

Is there any chance your computer to be virus-infected by opening Putlocker?

From our experience, the site is pretty much safe in terms of viruses, spyware or malware. There’s no known incident as such, and the major antivirus companies did not flag this site either. So, if you want to enjoy one or a few titles on your computer, you can safely browse through Putlocker. Still, it will be wise to install a decent antivirus before you connect to the internet, not for Putlocker specifically, but as a general security measure.

putlocker movies

Isn’t it illegal to watch movies online free on Putlocker?

It depends. First of all, it depends on the country from where you’re opening the site as the laws and regulations vary from country to country, sometimes even state to state. Downloading and distributing pirated versions of movies from the internet is an illegal act, and punishable by law in the majority of the countries as it directly hampers the trillion-dollar movie business worldwide. But what if you’re neither downloading nor distributing, but only watching it through streaming? To be honest, the laws aren’t very clear in that case, and there are many gray areas in the law that may or may not call this a crime. That means, as a viewer, the risk of your being involved in illegal activity by just watching a pirated movie online, is extremely low. Furthermore, due to the huge influx of mobile devices and personal computers, millions of people stream movies every day on their devices. And it’s not practical to even think of taking legal action against so many people for such a tiny crime; if we can call it a crime at all! So, is it illegal to watch movies online and not paying for the movie-tickets? In most cases and in most countries, yes. Will you get prosecuted for that? Very unlikely.