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Perfect Utility of the Vape Pen Right Here

It is not forbidden, at first, to vape and smoke at the same time, but essential cigarettes must be replaced one by one and gradually by the vape. After two or three months, you must have completely stopped smoking real cigarettes, because experience shows that it only takes one per day to stay addicted to tobacco. Using the vape pen is essential there.

Prevent relapse.

Even if you no longer smoke, it is better to keep your electronic cigarette in working order for at least three months, to be able to use it in times when you risk cracking for a cigarette, an evening with a bit of water, period of stress, the day before a job interview, etc.

Vapotage, what does the law say?

The High Council of Public Health recommends a ban on vaping wherever smoking is not allowed places welcoming children, closed public transport, open space. No formal ban in bars and restaurants. As of 2017, these recommendations will be mandatory. Please note: the sale of e-cigarettes is prohibited for minors.

Do you want to get started, but don’t know how to approach it? Don’t panic, here is a list of tips to get you started smoothly and without preconceptions.

Don’t set yourself immediate goals

If you want to vape to avoid smoking, this will happen on its own over time. No need to put you under pressure, it is a progressive and almost automatic protocol. Likewise, the nicotine content should not be lowered too quickly. It is better to decrease by 3 mg/ml per month to truly wean without hindrance.

More vape than cigarettes: It’s normal

If you realize that you are vaping more than you smoke, this is normal. The nicotine dose is lower, so you need to either vape more or vape longer. Be careful though, if you experience headaches, it means that your liquid is too nicotine. With practice, you will know when to stop or how to lower the dose of nicotine. Also, vary the pleasures with the multitude of ranges of e-liquids offered.

Vaping, the practical side

vape pen

To vape, do not do as with cigarettes. You must vacuum gently to heat the resistance to create steam and avoid being coughed. Then vacuum a little harder. The puffs should only last 4 or 5 seconds. Keeping steam in the lungs is useless. In fact, there will be no more smoke when spitting, which could be frustrating for a smoker. That said, it can also be a good alternative if you want to go unnoticed.

It happens that some e-liquids that you do not like end up becoming your favorites after some time. Be careful though, if the taste changes, it might be time to add more to your device or check the resistance.

On the device side, new e-cigarettes need time to roam and deliver all the aromas of e-liquids. It is advisable to pass the new clearomiser under lukewarm water before using it. Classic smokers think that once they start using electronic cigarettes, they will find the same taste. This belief is unfounded, and often, the aromas of electronic cigarettes are very different from those of the classics: e-liquid with tobacco taste, red fruit, mint, gourmet, drink, etc.