discount cigarettes uk

Know more about discount cigarettes in the UK

Cigarettes’ smoking prevails in all most all countries of the world. Most smokers fail to quit smoking even after understanding its harmful effects because of its addictive nature. So, most of the countries around the world are trying to decrease tobacco addiction in its citizens in various ways. One such effort is to increase the price of cigarettes by increasing the taxes imposed on it which can actually help to decrease its consumption.

discount cigarettes uk

But being a psychoactive drug quitting cigarette smoking is not an easy task, especially for those who are addicted to it from years. So these addicts try to search for alternate ways by which they can continue their habit without losing much from their pocket. If you are also such an addict, then you must know all about discount cigarettes uk If you are a chain smoker and smoking had become inevitable for you, then you must consider this choice. The high price of cigarettes is mainly because of the duties imposed on it. So in order to get them at cheap rates, one must look for shops or online sites that sell cigarettes at a discount price. These discounts turn really effective when you buy large packs or try for whole sale deals. May it be online stores or other nearby local shops, the number of cigarettes you buy, the more discount you get. So always choose to buy cigarettes in large quantity, so that you get it at a low price and you can anyway store it for a long time. But consistently using one specific store, you also get loyalty points and other benefits in many online stores. That is why online stores have become most of the customers first choice.

Know these rules before you smoke

Cigarettes are nothing but a piece of paper containing extracts of tobacco plant like its leaves, dust, stem, bark, etc. Tobacco consumption is itself very injurious to health and it causes many forms of Cancer and other heart ailments. Cigarettes along with tobacco also consist of nicotine an addictive drug which actually makes it more dangerous. So the UK government has laid down several restrictions for the sale and consumption of cigarettes. Some of them are as below.

  1. The person must be at least 18 years old to purchase or smoke a cigarette. People below 18 years of age are imposed fine if caught smoking or buying tobacco products.
  2. The seller who sells cigarettes to customers below 18 years of age will also be convicted and imposed with a fine.
  3. No smoker is allowed to smoke in public places like bus stands, railway station, airports, Banks, cinema halls, , and any person if caught smoking in no smoking area will have to pay huge fines.
  4. The cigarette industries must strictly follow the packing rules which describe the color, shape, letter fonts and Outlook of the cigarette box. It is a must for every brand to display the harmful effects of smoking with suitable pictures on both sides of the box, and any violations if found will be strictly punished.