Interior Photographer

Interior photography; some tips

Do you love to see the beautiful interiors of your friends, homes? Are you interested in Real estate photography? Are you a professional interior photographer? You know that an engaging photograph of the interior of a house increases its market value. It is essential for those who are related to real estate, architect, and interior design. But the question is still there. What makes your photograph stand out of others? Here I am not talking about high angles, straight walls, or light. I am talking about some other things.

Here are some tips for engaging and amazing Interior Photographer .

Interior Photographer

Using a tripod

Although you can use a handheld for interior photography, there may be some other considerations. You need more prolonged exposure for a lot of houses, and your handheld may not succeed. Here, if you use high ISO, it will give only much noise. For such kind of photography, a tripod is the best choice. In such cases, tripod surely has advantages. You can have better concentration on your shot though it may slow you down. You have enough time to get to cables or clutter and compose it professionally before hitting the shutter key. There are a lot of other advantages of using a tripod for Interior Photographer.

Live view

Do you understand the importance of live view? It is an important tip. You must use live view for most of your photographic works. When you shot with a live view camera, everything will be live as it is. You can set it either by electronic viewfinder or by the screen. A lot of cameras have live view option, and if you are using a video camera, it surely has a live view option. It makes it possible for you to have a beforehand view of your shot. You can set it right before you make it final. It will make your photo look better.

 Shooting wide

If you shoot wide, it will give a better view. Keep in mind that you should not overdo it, and you should be careful about the process. If you are sitting tight in one corner of a room, trying to shoot the other three holes will not be the right choice in Interior Photographer. You must have a range of 16-24 mm on full frame or go for cropping, will be excellent. You need not show every bit, and corner leaves a gap for eyes and brain to fill this gap. If cabinet view is half and there is a pillow section of bed will be enough for the bedside.

Mid room height

There is not much need for a tilt-shift lens. You must keep your camera in the middle room height, or you may go a bit higher. It will make you capable of keeping your camera straight and save a vertical view of walls. If there are some distortions, you may fix them in post-production editing and cropping.

These are some tips to be a skilled interior photographer that you must follow.