How to prepare for an arm lift?

One of the most common areas after weight loss is the Upper arm area or it is often known as Bat wings. The excessive skin developing around the elbow can make it quite difficult to wear their clothes and felt uncomfortable doing any physical exercise. This article aims to provide some relevant preparation tips for an Arm lift

What do you mean by a Brachioplasty?

Typically, a Brachioplasty is a skin removal surgical procedure that is used to eliminate the excessive amount of skin or fat from the upper section of the arm to get better results. This surgery is often known as an Arm lift. In this surgery, a surgeon will make an incision to remove the unnecessary fat or skin. After that, the remaining skin or muscles are then stretched and tightened to produce the best appearance or look. 

People can seek help from a professional plastic surgeon as he properly examines your skin condition and provides you better knowledge about Arm lift surgery & its cost.

What are the tips you must know before Preparing for an Arm Lift?

It is quite common with any treatment that the patients have to prepare themselves in terms of expectations. If you want to undergo through Brachioplasty, then here are some important tips that make your procedure as well as recovery successful:

  • Make your weight under control: The first and important tip that you need to consider is that your weight should be under control. It has been seen that patients who have excessive weight also undergo an arm lift procedure that may face numerable problems including surgery failure. So an arm lift patient needs to meet the goal weight i.e. (10-20 pounds). A patient should experience significant changes in their weight after a successful Brachioplasty. Famous surgeons also advise that women have not become pregnant who are willing in an arm lift procedure.
  • Stay fit & Active: Before undergoing any surgery, a patient needs to stay healthy & fit. They are non-smokers or do not consume any sort of drug. Patients who smoke regularly & want to go for an arm lift, need to stop smoking or whatever drug they consume immediately before the treatment. If they do not take care of it, the results may turn into the worst.
  • Build up a comfortable environment: After a successful surgery, you need to follow every instruction of your surgeon and allow yourself to take a lot of rest so that to recover fast and heal effectively. You need to build up a comfortable environment so that you can recover from your surgery as quickly as possible and resume your daily routine work. It’s up to you, decide properly where you spend your precious time and ensure that you have plenty of pillows for the elevation of your arms. Fill your refrigerator with healthy foods, snacks, and juice so that you need not worry about your shopping during rest days.
  • Set realistic expectations: Prepare yourself for realistic results or expectations as most of the after weight procedures are life-changing as they take time to produce more visible results and throughout this phase, you will have scars.

Clearly understand the Postoperative time: Before any surgery, a patient must understand the postoperative time properly. In that case, you can talk to your professional surgeon. Generally, Brachioplasty patients can get back to their daily routine work after 2 weeks of their surgery.