Honu Paddleboards

Honu Paddle Board Reviews 2021 New standup paddle boards Compared

Brought into the world on the rushes of Bondi Beach, Australia, Honu Paddleboards was named for the Hawaiian green sea turtle which represents the best of luck, perseverance, and long life. With a set of experiences returning almost 20 years of making longboard surfboards, fiberglass SUPs, inflatable SUPs, and then some, it appears to be that name fits Australia-based Honu well. In 2019, a more youthful age of proprietors took over Honu, smoothing out Honu’s attention exclusively on inflatable paddleboards.

Honu’s new proprietors, Mark, and Megan Travers are obviously enthusiastic about “building a superior board” as they lead the organization into the future while respecting Honu’s inheritance. In the past two years, Honu has updated the entirety of its paddleboards, joining new development innovations, new plans, and new assembling cycles to make their up and coming age of very light, elite paddleboards.

Honu Paddleboards

Minimalist Design :

  • There’s been something of a weapons contest between inflatable paddleboard brands lately to see who can add the most activity mounts, load regions, paddle holders, D-rings, and incidental adds up to their iSUPs.
  • These equipment bits add weight and keeping in mind that they may in some cases be helpful, for some paddlers they, best case scenario, go unused or to say the least in a real sense end up underneath.
  • Honu has intentionally decided to leave practically these off of their loads up to make SUPs that are just about as light and cleaned up as could be expected. We think this will speak to a particular sort of paddler who simply needs the most ideal board without every one of the interruptions.

Pick Your Own Paddle :

Honu Boards additionally do exclude an oar in their frill bundles. While this may appear to be odd at first their rationale really bodes well. Oar decision can be exceptionally close to the home thing, so in case you’ve been rowing for any timeframe you probably as of now have a most loved oar. All things considered, you would presumably prefer to set aside your cash than be “constrained” to purchase an oar that is remembered for a bundle.

Then again, on the off chance that you need an oar, you may lean toward an unexpected oar in comparison to the oar that a brand pre-bundled with a SUP. With Honu’s framework, you can pick any oar you like in their setup from essential to top of the line and save 20% off the cost when you group it with your new board. We believe that bodes well. Oar decisions incorporate Elem, Evolution Carbon, and Evolution bamboo.

Accidental Damage Repairs :

Honu goes above and beyond the standard maker’s guarantee to give four years of free incidental harm fixes too. See beneath for a total clarification of the entire program, yet again we’re quite intrigued.

Honu Warranty & Return Policy Explained :

Honu offers a 30-day hazard-free merchandise exchange, giving a full discount to gear in a new or unused condition whenever they’ve gotten it back. Liberally, this incorporates sheets, embellishments, and apparel. Returns are organized by messaging the organization.

Honu additionally gives one of the most liberal guarantees and incidental fix programs we’ve seen under their “2+2 years all-out care” moniker, despite the fact that it takes a little clarifying. Most importantly, they give a genuinely standard 2-year producer’s guarantee where they will fix or swap your board for any assembling deserts.