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The Internet offers more than one way to get an overview of general legal issues and the legal situation. Various websites of lawyers, government agencies and portals with respective legal orientation provide information on most areas of law. In a specific case, however, you should turn to a legal representative for a specific legal advice. There are different reasons for this. From Rob Levine & Associates Providence RI now you will be having the best options present.

Training as a lawyer

As the modern world of today, and Germany in particular, has a very complex legal system, future lawyers will have to go a long way in solid legal education. At the end of his education, every lawyer admitted as a lawyer has the qualifications of a judge, as a fully qualified lawyer.

However, before anyone obtains admission as a lawyer, the study of law with the first state law exam must have been successfully completed. This is followed by a traineeship in which the theoretical findings of the study are expanded and supported by practical training. For this reason, those trainee lawyers are employed at various stations such as courts, public authorities, law offices, prosecutors, and corporations. After the legal clerkship, the second state law exam and the qualification for judgeship attached to it awaits.

The liability of a lawyer

Rob Levine & Associates Providence RI

For an extra-judicial consultation and also for the representation in court, the legally prescribed legal liability applies.

Therefore, every lawyer must have a professional liability insurance, as a lawyer is otherwise not allowed and thus may not work as a lawyer. This is the minimum liability amount of the legal liability insurance amounts to 250,000.00 € per claim.


This point is also a decisive advantage of a legal advice to other types of “advice” such as in forums on the Internet, in clubs or by a “lawyer-tested pattern” of some companies. If something goes wrong with these forms of assistance, you have no one to pay for the damage done. The financial dangers are completely up to you. By contrast, legal advice provides the guarantee that you are covered by professional indemnity insurance at least always for a mistake of the lawyer for a quarter of a million dollars.

Since many inquiries in this regard came from clients, it should be noted that the liability of a lawyer is always and in principle with the assumption of a mandate, even if no agreement has been made on a liability between client and lawyer.

Confidentiality and confidentiality

For secrecy, the lawyer in the mandate relationship is required by law. This legally regulated strict confidentiality of the information that the client transmits to his lawyer, is therefore always given and as a legal confidentiality obligation.

So a lawyer has to keep everything that has become his knowledge in the practice of his profession and you can be sure for yourself. Under normal circumstances, a lawyer may not even disclose to third parties whether or not a particular person is his client through the obligation of confidentiality.