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Temperatures are falling and winter coats are coming out of the closet. Winter will really start in about a month. And in order to protect the skin as much as possible, we have 10 skincare tips for the winter. Because the skin has to endure a lot with the cold temperature and the temperature changes because the heating is on again. Do you often suffer from the skin in the winter? Then read on and follow our tips and maybe we’ll help you get dry skin. The CTFO treatment can be the best solution here while there are other things also that you should take into consideration.

Drink a lot of water

The cold air can dry out the skin in the winter, and therefore hydration is very important. It is not only important to moisturize the skin with a cream from the outside, but also from the inside. Therefore, drink plenty of water and ensure that the entire body is hydrated.

Avoid too hot a shower

We know: after all the cold it is wonderful to step under the hot shower. But a too-hot shower can dry out the skin. It is therefore wise not to set the shower too hot in order to save the skin.

Remember that oily skin is not the same as hydrated skin

The moisture in the skin is not the same as the number of oils in the skin. So even for people with oily skin, it is very important to properly hydrate the skin in the winter.

Use a night cream

If you didn’t already do this, it’s good to start this in the winter. A night cream gives the skin at night just that extra hydration boost that it needs.

Exfoliating is important

It is difficult for the skin to absorb moisture if it is covered with a layer of dead skin cells. Therefore, make sure that you scrub the skin 1-2 times a week so that the skin is able to absorb the skincare products better.

Sleep on silk

Silk is a substance that is less likely to irritate and dry out the skin than cotton. So if you have very dry skin, you can choose to change your pillowcase with one that is softer for the face.

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You must constantly take good care of your skin. Day in day out. It is not only a matter of creams but also of NOT doing things. 6 don’ts with skincare. We have 6 don’ts for a super cool skin for you.



The care of your facial skin comes back every day and it makes sense that it becomes a routine. Sometimes, therefore, bad habits can creep in. There are things you shouldn’t do:

1st tip

Don’t wake up in your makeup. No matter what happens, no matter how hard you party, always take off your makeup before going to sleep. Your skin must breathe and be clean.

2nd tip

Speaking of clean skin, touch your skin as little as possible. Avoid postures such as supporting your face in your hands. It does not have pimples or pimples. If you want to treat them, do so after you have cleaned your skin and with washed hands.

3rd tip

Never remove your (dark) eye makeup with an all-over cleanser. So what you should not do apply a cleanser over a make-up face so that you can smear your face as a whole with your dark eye makeup (and lipstick). Always first remove your make-up with a special make-up remover and only then go to work with a cleanser to thoroughly clean your face.