indoor laser tag

Find the Best Laser Tag Games You Can Find Now

Players pay special attention to the choice of weapons. This part of the game equipment is the most expensive. There are many types of weapons for laser tags, stylized as real or fantastic designs. Players really appreciate the blasters, which are an imitation of an assault rifle. Game organizers usually purchase a set of weapons and the required number of targets. Blasters require shooting and parameter adjustment. With the indoor laser tag you can have the best choice.

Laser Tag Game Features

During the game, a variety of scenarios can be used:

  • The capture of enemy territory
  • Hostage rescue operation
  • Destruction of the enemy on its territory
  • Capture and retention of control points.

If desired, the number of such missions can be expanded to infinity.

indoor laser tag

The difference between laser tag and other war games

Laser tag differs from other military-applied games, the most popular of which include the following:

  • Airsoft
  • Paintball
  • Hardball

The peculiarity of airsoft is that they try to carefully copy the equipment, uniforms and weapons of the world’s elite military units. Shooting at the enemy is carried out with plastic balls. These shells accelerate to high speed due to the energy of compressed air. The firing range in airsoft can reach several tens of meters. The cost of a one-shot is very low. Hitting a ball at close range can be very painful, but at the end of the hit is almost not felt. Equipment rental in this type of game is not very common, so airsoft cannot be called cheap entertainment. The advantages of this game: the authenticity of weapons and the ability to conduct barrage fire. The game requires special training grounds, where the appearance of unauthorized persons will be completely eliminated.

In paintball, shooting is carried out with special balls filled with a dye.

This paint is completely safe for the environment and the health of players. To produce a “shot” from a marker weapon, compressed air, carbon dioxide, or nitrogen is used. To protect the player from getting such a projectile in the face, a special mask is required. The firing range is also several tens of meters. Even at the end of the ball when it enters the body can give the player pain. Using paint makes paintball a very entertaining game: hit efficiency can be estimated instantly. There is a minus: after the end of each game, the traces of a paintball must be removed. The cost of a shot in paintball is relatively high. For the game, fenced areas are usually equipped.

Hardball is considered the most traumatic kind of war game.

In this case, lead bullets or steel balls are used for shooting. These shells are driven by compressed air or due to the action of a spring. Getting in can be painful at any distance. Hardball requires special protection in the form of a face mask, a scarf for the neck. Players try to tightly protect other parts of the body as well. The firing range is much greater than when playing airsoft and paintball, but less than in laser tag. This game is considered the least common in the family of military-applied entertainment.

The main distinguishing feature of the laser tag is that it is fired with a coded light signal. Special body protection is not needed. In some cases, it is recommended to use glasses to protect the eyes. They apply if the game is played using military samples of an infrared laser.