Entertainment and games with storytelling with episodes

All know everyone needs of entertaining themselves with some time pass over playing games and other activities. Most people want to play games to entertain themselves. Most of the people used to play video games. Through the video display devices, the user interface creates a visual treat to the players which are known as a video game or electronic games. The two dimensional or three-dimensional videos are provided through the video display devices like monitor, touch screen, and headphones are used. Those electronic devices used for the videogame is known to be the platform of the game. The games can be with episodes of a popular mobile game. The episodes are the way to make your adventures with your own story. For that the gems and passes are the necessary features. To get the gems and passes the player can visit the website . Then only the player of the episode can enjoy the game and their adventure. Because the gems and passes are important key features to make the game forward.

The gems and passes in episodes: While playing the episode the player must be considered with the gems and passes. Because the gems and passes are the ones that help the story more effective and make it successful. The player can enjoy the story without buying or using the gems and passes but the fact is that the gems and passes are the keys to do any of the ends up. So the player can make use of buying the gems and passes. The priority in the episode is with the gems and passes. Because lack of gems and passes make unaffordable situations in the game. After losing all the passes the player has to wait for four hours to get three passes.

Episodic video game: The episode is a fictional video game that is created to interact with the story. The episode is developed by the pocket gems in the genre of interactive fiction. For mobile devices like tablets and smartphones, the app episode is a storytelling fictional video game network and a platform. The episode is an interactive story builder for mobile devices. In this episode, the player can choose their storyline for further development. University grants commission provides the creation platform which enables the player to update their storyline to the registered 12 million stories.

Devices used for the video game: To control the videogame some of the input devices are used across the platform. The input devices used as the controller of the game are gamepads, keyboard, joystick, the touch screen of the mobile and then the mouse devices. As a Kinect sensor, the person’s parts of the body also used as a game controller. Not only the input devices but also the output devices like monitor, television also used. The sound effects are the heart of the gaming because the sounds produce more effects to the games. So the output devices like headphones and loudspeakers also used. Video games make use of various peripheral devices for their control over the precedence of playing. The vibration creating effects, kinesthetic control and virtual reality headsets are included in the game produced in the year 2000. The video games got commercial importance since the year 2010. Thus could be brought a great emergence of video games in society