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Duplicating Your Car Key: How to make it simpler

The advantages of owning a car that uses the transponder key is that it makes auto theft much more difficult. The biggest disadvantage is that they are expensive and less easy to replace than regular keys. Because of this, people always have a double step away. With the Dodge key fob replacement you can have the best deal now.

Need a key replacement or re-programming?   

You can expect these services from professional services:

  • Broken key repair
  • Duplication of car keys
  • Programming by transponder key
  • Extraction of car keys
  • Car consignment service
  • Ignition switch repair and replacement

Unfortunately it happens more often than we would like: to lose the keys of the house or car happens in a moment and we realize it only later, often after too much time. But instead of panicking, it’s better to take action to duplicate them in a timely manner.

Duplicate the house keys

For house keys the solution is quite simple: for home locks at least two pairs of keys are provided at the time of door and lock installation. Just bring the spare deck to a hardware store to be able to reproduce them without major problems. It can be a matter of just a few minutes for classic Yale-type keys for cylinder locks a few hours for double-bit keys or Omega Plus, often used for doors and armored doors.

In the absence of a couple of spare keys, the situation becomes a bit more complex: it is necessary to contact a locksmith, better if advised by a reliable hardware store, and evaluate the best solution to be able to return to using the reference lock correctly. The advice to rely on a reliable hardware store to choose your locksmith is not to be underestimated: we are always talking about your home, a very precious asset to be safeguarded with the maximum attention.

Duplicate the car keys

Dodge key fob

The duplication of the car keys is a more elaborate matter, but one that can be solved without major problems. This becomes a bit more complicated because the car keys, for some years now, are often encoded using a chip inserted into the key itself:

It is a security measure, to make the key even more unique and discourage theft. But if the key is damaged or lost, a solution is still possible. First of all, you need to look for a hardware store that does this, as only true professionals are adequately equipped. Afterwards, you must go to the hardware counter with the documentation showing that you actually own the vehicle: the vehicle registration document and an identity document. In case you send someone else, better prepare a signed proxy.

Furthermore, when buying a car, the parent company should issue a laminated card or tag bearing the specific pin code for that key: if you still have this support, then it is advisable to take it to the hardware store. If you do not have it available, the hardware store will recover it from the parent company, if necessary.

Once this is done, just hand over the key to duplicate or, in case of loss, it will be possible to reconstruct it from the cylinder and after some time, from a few minutes to a few hours, you will have a new car key: codified and safe.