Nandrolone Decanoate

Basic things about Nandrolone Decanoate injection

Nandrolone Decanoate is a medical steroid which is used for treating anaemia in people who are suffering from kidney failure. There are other uses of this medicine. You need to visit the doctor or your pharmacist if you want to use it for some other purposes. There is some basic information which we can help you out with.

Steps to use this medicine

Nandrolone Decanoate

NandroloneDecanoate is a medicine which is injected into the muscle. These are prescribed by a professional or clinic personnel. For taking the NandroloneDecanoate medicine in your own place, you should learnfrom a professional about the preparation and dosage of the medicine. You should follow the exact direction. Every injection including NandroloneDecanoateinjection should be taken at regular intervals. Avoid taking more than the directed amount.

The needles and syringes which have been used should be kept in a sharps container. You shouldn’t throw them in a dustbin or any other place carelessly. If no sharp container is available to you, then you should contact your nearest healthcare or pharmacy and get a sharps container for yourself. Before using this medicine for your children, talk to the paediatrician regarding this. If you have mistakenly taken an excess of NandroloneDecanoate, you should inform the nearest control centre for poison or an emergency ward immediately.

Side effects which you may notice

Just like many other steroids, there are side effects of NandroloneDecanoate. You should report to the doctor when you observe any other side effects. Some of the side effects are acne, skin rash, and other allergies including itching and also the swelling of lips and face, breast lump. You would also observe the slight change in the voice, moods such as depression, anger, or rage. There are some physical side effects such as dark urine, increased facial hair, stomach pain, nausea and vomiting.

Some of the side effects which do not require medical attention but should not be ignored as well are diarrhoea, hair loss, headache, trouble sleeping and others as well. All of the side effects are not described. There are various other side effects of NandroloneDecanoate and not just these few side effects. If you have experienced these side effects, you should visit the doctor for advice and consultancy.

Places to keep your medicine

You should keep the medicine out of your child’s reach. There is a high chance of abusing this medicine. You need to keep the medicines safely to prevent others from stealing it. Avoid sharing of medicine among any of your friends or anyone else. Giving away or selling this medicine could be very harmful to the others. Possession of any expired medicine should be thrown right away.


These types of medicines should always be taken under the supervision of a professional physician or doctor. These medicines if used excessively could result in side effects which could be prevented otherwise. Doctors and physicians are very careful while prescribing it to you. So, you will maintain the same carefulness.